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Dictamus Tea

15 gr.
From the White Mountains of Crete
Sales price: 6,40 €
Sales price without tax: 5,98 €
Tax amount: 0,42 €

Origanum dictamnus, also known as Dictamus or “Erontas” in local Cretan dialect, was known in the ancient Greeks which they considered as the “herb of love”. The dictamus grows wild exclusively on the mountains and canyons of Crete.
It creates an excellent drink with delicious aroma and taste.   
How to use: Dittany has antiseptic, stimulating and anti-spasmodic action. It is used to heal wounds, to sooth the digestive tract, as well as against the flu and colds. It has spasmolytic action and it contributes to the prevention and treatment of circulatory and cardiac problems, it soothes headaches, and stomach disorders, toothaches and abscesses. It also possesses anti diabetic, emmenagogue but also aphrodisiac action. Put one tablespoon of Dictamus in 150-200 gr. boiling water, leave 7-8 minutes, strain, add some honey if you wish, and enjoy!