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20 gr.
From the White Mountains of Crete
Sales price: 4,00 €
Sales price without tax: 3,74 €
Tax amount: 0,26 €

Levadula officinalis: Lavender is an aromatic herb with very typical and pleasant aroma. In the past, the beauty of lavender has charmed the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs. It is mainly used in closets and drawers for releasing a pleasant scent of freshness into the interior. You may use the lavender flowers into your bath water for enjoying a pleasant and relaxing evening bath. Combined with Melissa, it creates a very special drink.

How to use: Put lavender in small bags and put them in your closet and drawers to naturally scent your clothes. A lavender sachet in your hot bath brings a beautiful scent and adds a unique feeling of relaxation.
The aroma of lavender helps deal with insomnia, stress and headaches.