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Lemon grass

20 gr.
From the White Mountains of Crete
Sales price: 6,40 €
Sales price without tax: 5,98 €
Tax amount: 0,42 €

Lemon Grass: A very popular herb in Asia. It is widely used in cooking giving out a very distinctive aroma of lemon as well as special taste and flavor to soups, salads, vegetables, seafood and meat. Either alone or combined with other herbs, lemon grass creates a drink with wonderful lemon taste and aroma.

How to use: It is considered diuretic, stimulating and stimulant. It helps digestion and the removal of toxins from the body. Put one tablespoon of Lemon Grass in 150-200 gr. boiling water, leave 7-8 minutes, strain, add some honey if you wish, and enjoy!