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20 gr.
From the White Mountains of Crete
Sales price: 4,00 €
Sales price without tax: 3,74 €
Tax amount: 0,26 €

Origanum Vulgare: Oregano is one of the few aromatic herbs whose aroma is becoming stronger when dried. The quality of Cretan oregano is considered the best in the world with strong aroma and delicious taste, adding a Mediterranean “touch” and flavor in every meal. It is integral constituent of the Greek cuisine and ideally used in tomato sauces, olive oil and lemon dressing, grilled meals (fish, meat, vegetables), feta cheese, potatoes, pizzas and mainly in the Greek salad.   

How to use: Oregano seems to have spasmolytic, stimulating, antiseptic and expectorant properties. The beverage of oregano helps fight diarrhea and colitis
Its antiseptic action makes it useful as a mouth wash to treat problems of the mouth, such as inflammation of the mouth and throat. With your hands rub some oregano leaves and use them in your meals.