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a special salad...

Serves 6

2 eggs, boiled and cut to four slices
3 fresh artichokes, the hearts
1 cup broad beans, fresh and shelled
1 spring onion
a few Kalamata olives
salt to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 large lemon, the juice of
1 tablespoon flour

If you purchase the artichokes from the greengrocer or the market, remove the outer leaves until you get to the tender leaves. Chop away the tapering, thorny portion (approx. half way between the tip and the meat of the artichoke) and use a knife peel away any green skin around the heart, so that you get only the meat (heart) of the artichoke. Alternatively, purchase artichoke hearts from the supermarket. Toss the hearts into a bowl of water where you have previously dissolved the flour and the lemon juice. Slice each heart in half, remove fuzz, and chop further to thinner slices. Toss slices into a large salad bowl then add the broad beans, eggs, coarsely chopped onion and olives; sprinkle with the salt; pour in the olive oil and vinegar and stir to mix well. Serve immediately.

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