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Crete is a blessed land. One visit is enough to enchant you, make you want to return and perhaps even settle down on the island. And this is what the Olive Tree did once it arrived to Crete from Mesopotamia around 7500 years ago. The island's moderate Mediterranean climate, its plentiful waters and unique soil were ideal for this noble tree and its precious fruit. And this is how the Olive Tree set roots in Crete.

The Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil is one of the best in the world: delicious, nutritious and very healthy. It has been produced for many millennia in Crete, in ways that have hardly changed from the ancient times. In an era that cheap fast food, genetically modified foods, hybrids and preservatives have taken over our diet, we offer the Cretan olive oil, a product that is 100% natural. It is so much more than a flavorful food; its properties render it suitable as a preservative, a cosmetic, a burning fuel, for pharmaceutical purposes and many other things. This is the reason why, since antiquity and without pause to our days, it has been used as a symbol and as a holy substance in all types of religious rituals. The Olive Tree, the Olive as its fruit and Olive Oil, have held an important role in all aspects of the history, the economy, the culture and mostly the daily life of Crete.

It is, without exaggeration, the island's Green Gold.

  • 28/01/15

    Eliva - Crete at the promotion of Greek products at Skypervilla in Frankfurt



  • 30/07/14

    Zorbas - the Greek at Kokkino Chorio - we were there!



  • 25/06/14

    Welcome to our renewed homepage ,where except of our Oliveoil , soon you can find and buy more local products from Crete.


  • 25/06/14

    Here an album of rare pictures of Crete.Press here.



  • 25/06/14

    According to CNN , Crete takes the first Place for its good cuisine and fot its tasteful food.

    Press here to get to the link.



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