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Natural products from Crete!

According to UNESCO, Mediterranean diet is a product of 'cultural heritage' that symbolizes and teaches a set of abilities, knowledge and traditions of the Mediterranean culture that promotes a healthy lifestyle.Natur1 The Mediterranean diet is now a standard model diet, which is linked to the prevention and cure of chronic diseases. For Cretans specifically, it is simply a lifestyle we have inherited from our ancestors. Olive oil, olives, honey, herbs, fruit and vegetables, legumes and more that Crete produces so generously and with unsurpassed quality, apart from a gastronomic delight they are also the shield of the body against major diseases afflicting people today. Our ancestors, knowing the beneficial contribution of these foods to human health, had studied for each disease its cure, which was no other than a plant, fruit or herb. Natur2Over the years these studies have been passed on as folk habits and cultures and for almost any health problem there was a particular recipe for dealing with any disease, many years before modern medicine was released.One of the most important balanced dietary behaviors is to enjoy our food at the table calmly, with company, satisfying both the social side of eating and to get involved in the preparation of our food and beverages knowing all the ingredients that make a delicious food.

Herbs of Crete

The Cretan herbs with their high antioxidant content contribute significantly to the antioxidant value of Mediterranean way of eating along with fruit and vegetables. In addition to the updated model of the Mediterranean pyramid of nutrition, the beverages also play another important nutritional role, and that is to fulfill our needs in liquids. All our herbs are from the foot of the White Mountains and they are collected and carefully selected, so that we can offer you the great and unique quality of " ELIVA ". They are dried in a natural way in the shade in order to keep their beneficial ingredients intact. Their beautiful and unique taste, is supplemented by their special and unique packaging.



Honey, and particularly thyme honey, is one of the most healthy and nutritious food. It is one of the few foods which do not go bad in the passage of time. It gives energy and helps prolong life and this is how the longevity of many beekeepers is explained. Pure and fresh thyme honey has a tendency to become crystallized. This shouldn't worry you, since it is a sign of excellent quality and it can easily be restored to its original condition , placing it in bain-marie.


According to ancient Greek tradition, the first olive tree was planted at the Acropolis from goddess Athena. The olive tree is an evergreen tree and thrives in temperate climates without extreme temperatures and moisture, and that is why it is so widespread in the Mediterranean area. The fruit of the olive tree occupies a distinct position in the Mediterranean diet and is considered to be an integral part of it. The olive provides vegetable fibers and metals to the body and it is a source of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.

Sea salt

Our natural sea salt is collected from natural marshes of Crete with the evaporation of the water. It is collected and packaged raw with special attention and care. The "thick salt" of Crete is rich in natural ingredients and metals, and it is considered a powerful anti-histaminic. The salt has its own distinctive and unique taste and most of all it 'smells' like the sea and Crete.

Our products
Extra virgin olive oil 750 ml bottle
13,90 €

Our natural sea salt is collected from natural marshes of Crete with the evaporation of the water.

6,40 €

Honey, and particularly thyme honey, is one of the most healthy and nutritious food.
It is one of ...

7,90 €



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